Travel #Photography Conundrum

Your suggestion? Please motivate and tell us how experienced you are.


If money, weight and space were of no consideration, choosing a camera to travel with would have been easy. We often travel and also on trains, where space can be restricted. Another consideration is speed – one may have one, maybe two seconds to aim, compose, shoot.

Time is of the essence.

Battery life is critical. For instance, Canon just released their M50 mirrorless camera, which is small, lightweight, fast and affordable yet its battery life is dysmal compared to the company’s excellent EOS 80D DSLR. The former can take but 260 instead of the 960 photos of the latter, on one charge.

DSLR’s offer excellent photo quality, have larger sensors, which is important and some can do professional video as well. They are large, cost more generally and require the switching of lenses, not advisable out there in mud & dust.

Bridge cameras are an attractive option because of excellent zoom, up the the equivalent of 2,000mm focal length on Nikon P900. Lenses are fixed, great for convenience. The drawback? Smaller image sensors, therefore lower print quality, worse low light performance. Some are also slow but shoot RAW, can take external flash, microphone, headphone as in Canon’s nifty Powershot SX60HS. Bridge cameras aren’t always as cheap, though, as Leica, Panasonic and Sony will prove – despite small sensors of no larger than 1″. One inch, for millennials. 25mm.

Compacts use the same tiny sensors as smartphones and are therefore discounted for this discussion.

DSLR market has a rich harvest of lenses, with Canon being top dog. Mirrorless cameras are only marginally catered for.

As for deciding between a small sensor bridge or a large sensor DSLR? Cost is a factor as lenses with equivalent reach will make the DSLR route insanely expensive and lenses will be huge, weigh a ton. Bridge cameras cando it all but is a tiny sensor good for 2x2m prints?

What would you choose? Options are:

– Canon EOS 80D with Sigma 18-300mm contemporary lens

– Canon Powershot SX60HS

– Nikon B700

The 80D route will cost three times more than either bridge camera or double the price of Panasonic Lumux FZ2500.

Your suggestion? Please motivate and tell us how experienced you are.

Author: filosopete

Prematurely disabled yet #blessedbeyondrecognition

7 thoughts on “Travel #Photography Conundrum”

      1. I am.not sure when or if it will be replaced, yet I cannot see how one can gow wrong. It lacks 4K but that really is something to avoid anyhow. Such large video files are hard to edit & upload, so 1920×1080 is good enough?


      2. That’s true! Large files with ultra HD pics are so hard to upload and takes lot of memory to even store in cloud or hard drive… I sometimes have to compress the size as I take a hundred of pics at a time.

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      3. A few seconds of 4K video easily spans 1-3GB! And Windows crashes even on high-end machines. My son has a 4GHz i7 quad desktop with 16GB DDR4 and 4GB Nvidea GTX1060 and a superfast SSD but Windoze crashes…


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