The Blue Train

A Window To The Soul Of Africa

In the 1920’s, the Union Limited and the Union Express ventured as far as the Livingstone Bridge at the Victoria Falls.  A need for opulent travel arose as the discovery of precious metals and minerals created a burgeoning upper class.  After having been commissioned for military service during World War 2, the trains went back into regular service by 1946. People used to mention “those blue trains.”

A legend was born.

The Blue Train was extensively refurbished in the 1970’s to exact specifications and detailed craftsmanship.  It was after this refurbishment that my relationship with The Lady, as she is affectionately known in the railway fraternity, began. Two of my uncles were driver on its maiden journey to Cape Town and we were invited to visit and see – but only through the windows, not even touching that!


A desire was born to travel on this grand lady, The Blue Train and my turn would come over forty years later. It is so pleasant that my wife and I followed our own first journey up with a second on our thirtieth anniversary. Soon, in December 2017, we will be doing our third journey.


I have now been appointed a Agent for The Blue Train and can make your travel arrangements for you. For this, I have formed Awethentiq (Pty) Ltd as we are authentic – we promote what had worked for us and nothing else. We have our own Accredited Tour Guides in-house and can design a travel package to suit your every need, be it for leisure or corporate travel. Just complete the form below and we will be in touch.

Kind regards,


Cape Town, South Africa

24 November 2017