Gentil #Lentil Holiday Recipe

One thing I hate, is eating out every day while on holiday. A parallel peeve is to spend hours in the kitchen as therein is no holiday.


One thing I hate, is eating out every day while on holiday. A parallel peeve is to spend hours in the kitchen as therein is no holiday.

Essential luggage is our 6,5l slow cooker. This wonderful device creates most beautiful meals while nobody is watching, also ideal for Vegan and vegetarian meals.

I made non-vegetarian Lentil Curry today and it cooked itself in 3-4 hours. My wife was quite impressed to find dinner waiting as she returned from her walkabout.

  • About 600g mutton sausage – optional.
  • One huge brown onion, sliced.
  • One packet of dry lentils.
  • Teaspoon of salt – I used sea salt as pink salt lacks iodine, a necessary ingredient for proper thyroid functioning. If you love having bulging eyes or a goiter, use pink salt which just is sodium chloride with minuscule bits of minerals, not enough to be nutritious..

Set the slow cooker to High and place the sausage at the bottom, with the onion on top. Let it simmer for an hour. Cover the lentils in water in a separate bowl, meanwhile, allowing it to expand a bit. After an hour, add the lentils but do cover with lukewarm water so as not to crack the earthenware pot.

Let this go for another 2-3 hours. Mix a packet (or two) of curry – we use Rajah Mild & Spicy – with hot water, a tablespoon of honey or apricot jam and some vinegar. I actually add the salt here and not into the food directly, but that is just convenient. Whisk to incorporate and then pour into the lentil stew when well blended.

Let simmer for another ten minutes or so, then dish up. I think serving it on a bed of Basmati or Jasmin rice may also be a good idea.

With this, a nice glass of rosé wine might round off an easy meal.

Serves 4.

Welcome to Cottage Imvana #Bulwer

If you want to “get away from it all,” I guess this is just it.

A new rural stay in Bulwer, kwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Pet friendly, owner operated and a down-to-earth kind of holiday environment to wean Millennials and even Baby Boomers off anything geek-ish. A place to experience and enjoy nature as God had made it.

Bring clothes for all seasons, very good hiking footwear, sunscreen and your camera. The area is quite photogenic.

If you want to “get away from it all,” I guess this is just it.

Which Mobile On #Travel? 

Try beat my R599 FreeMe package.

I am what I prefer to call a #permatourist. My own invention.

See, living in Cape Town, South Africa, opens up opportunities every single day. Anyone ever getting bored here, must be missing a gene. So much to see and do, the bulk of it for free. Yep. Mahaila. Pasella. No charge.

In my “job” as travel writer and events reporter, publishing to social media has to be instant. For that, great connectivity is essential. And video devours data.

I travel with three devices and four different SIM cards. My wife has one device. We have Vodacom, Cell C, MTN and Telkom Mobile.

The device with the very best signal ability is a R199 iTel dual-SIM from “PEP Tique.”  The second best is a Huawei LTE mobile hotspot, third is a Mobicel tablet costing R899. Excellent service also came from an old R599 Alcatatel One Touch Pop2. It sounds like a kiddies happy meal toy but had great connectivity and was excellent as a wireless hotspot.

Less great connectivity came from high-end smartphones. We did swap around SIM cards to test all fairly.

The test route took us up to 1,333 km in each direction, a total of fourteen such journeys on different trains. We did fourteen long-distance journeys.

While Vodacom had the best signal coverage, the same cannot be said about its usability. It reminds of the guy pitching up for work but then don’t get much done.

Cell C had better voice connectivity than the others but data throughput suffered.

MTN. If I had something good to say, I would have. During a fortnight stay in suburban Klerksdorp, as during a week in Beaufort West, signal seemed okay but connectivity just failed. GSM. WCDMA. Auto settings. Nyet.

That leaves us with dear old Telkom, on FreeMe plans. Usable for a little over 1,000 km of the entire distance, a clear winner. Useless when roaming through MTN, especially. On its own legs, a better proposition.

Which is why I bought a FreeMe bundle at Telkom V&A Waterfront today and paid R599 for 20GB data. I also received 10GB night data plus 10GB TelkomConnect WAP2-secured WiFi. And 1,500 all networks minutes plus 300 Telkom or Telkom Mobile numbers. Plus 500MB for things like Viber, Whatsapp, etc. Oh, then R600 all networks calling for seven days as yet another bonus.

With its proven reliability, Telkom Mobile FreeMe is a no-brainer. I switched when 8ta was new and saw how service improved, especialy after becoming Telkom Mobile and more infrastructure was employed.

Try beat my R599 FreeMe package. 

Hungry Shark 

The Hungry Shark
52 Voortrekker Rd, Townsend Estate, Cape Town, 7460


For the love of traditional fish and chips, be it snoek or hake.  Read the blog, find the freshest fish in a traditional sit-cafe. Unfranchised. No preservatives. No theme. 

Just great fish and other food. 

Even jaffles. 

Travel is in our blood

Travel and I are inseparable twins.

We travel on two main line trains, cover 2,500km in three days. Upon our arrival back at home, we pause before putting our bags down, look at each other and say almost in one voice: “Do we put the luggage down, or do we go again?”

That defines us – Pete & Karen. As for myself, I traveled since I was a newborn baby. It is in the fibre of my bones, in the marrow. Travel and I are inseparable twins. Karen is no different. 

What we present here, is from first hand experience. AwethentiQ.